You are my world!

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You are kinda introvert, I talk a lot 😁
I am deep thinker, you simplify any situation

I express my love to you, you cuddle me in arms & melt my heart

Now I worry about you every day                                                                                              

I feel the distance between us
Emptiness is on both the sides
Let’s talk every day to feel lively! ❤️

Take care of yourself
Eat nutritious food
Don’t go outside unless important
Sleep on time
Keep our home clean
Maintain Hygiene
Water our plants
Listen to the news everyday
Because I love You! ❤️

These days will go away
I will come to you one day
Shyness will fade away
And Souls will find their ways in togetherness! ❤️

Let your thoughts glitter and shine on face! 🙂

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Found myself..

Hello to all the viewers. Its my first blog. I am a mother and an Ex IT proffetional. Saying an Ex IT professional says it all. 🙂 After becoming a mother my goal of doing job changed. I used to feel like carrieristic woman. But the first touch of baby left entire focus from job to baby.

My journey as mother started when I came to my sweet home after delivery. Well wishers used to ask when will I start job..Each time my answer used to be spending time with my little sunshine means a lot. So I haven’t yet thought of resuming job. Being a homemaker, I understood that it’s tiring, chaotic sometimes but equally delightful to run home.

Woman as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter in law is leading like Manager, Leader, Counsellor. Woman is Queen in her own eyes…

Daydreaming can lead you to become Protagonist of Life.

Do you find your wishes, ambitions and passion are just unrealistic? Someone may be willing to become Sports Champion, other may want to be a great Chef, someone might want to stay in Dreamy Land. As the day starts , we wander upon so many thoughts which bother us, please us and some make us worry about.  Those thoughts defocus the attention on what is our desire or wish.

Do you fit in Daydreamer definition?

People often tend to see dreams during sleep. That’s when they are unconscious and far away from reality.  Mostly we see some haphazard things in night dreams which are due to day long activities and chats. 

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